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The Road Less Taken: How this entrepreneur quit his corporate job to help fulfil his father's dream.

The millennial generation. A generation labelled as lazy and temperamental, known for being driven by materialistic illusions, recognised for their individualistic lifestyle. A generation that is misunderstood.

One of their own is Varun Sharma. Yet another millennial, yet another entrepreneur. The story of this new generation businessman reveals a face of the millennial professionalism that is so different from the prevailing notions.

As an engineering student of Bits Pilani Dubai, he started challenging the beliefs against his generation, pretty early in life. In the years that young college students spend on having fun, he decided to build a youth organisation called ‘Inara’ with a focus on helping marginalised social communities in the city of gold.

Along with his team, he harnessed the power of young, energetic volunteers looking to give back to the society. It showcased the ability of this generation to think beyond themselves and work selflessly. In his ability to conceive a change-making organisation he displayed a sense of empathy, leadership and loyalty to the community that many fail to associate with the youth.

With Inara on one hand, he filled his university days with a variety of other activities. From DJ gigs, exploring his passion for music to the role of a campus ambassador for RedBull. He made sure that his formative years were full of diverse experiences that helped him grow as a person. Often, we discount the fact that the individuals of this generation are multi-dimensional people. They have a wide range of interests, and an open mind to pursue them all with equal enthusiasm.

On graduating, Varun got into one of the top multinational professional services firms PwC. It is considered to be one of the big four accounting firms of the world. On joining this reputed organisation as a fresh graduate, he quickly worked his way up to become one of the youngest project managers of his division. He worked with PwC for more than three years before he made a decision that completely changed his direction in life.

When he was joining a new company as a fresh graduate, his father was dreaming of creating one. What started as an idea in Paris, was gradually turning into a reality. His father, Mr. Viviek Sharma was planning on building a gourmet fruit brand from scratch. Bringing this vision into actuality required a lot of life changes. It required them to shift base all the way to California. It also meant that, for Varun to be completely involved in the venture, he had to leave his job.

Leaving behind a secure and established job at one of the biggest firms in the world is not an easy decision. It required utter and completely belief and dedication towards the idea and his family. It displayed a respect for family values that seems unexpected from millennials. By ensuring that his father lived his American dream, he brought the strength of familial loyalty to the forefront.

The willingness to take a risk, is one of the greatest strengths of this new-age entrepreneur. By taking a leap of faith and moving to a comparatively uncertain environment, he displayed great strength of character and willingness to take on challenges. As his father was completing his dream, Varun ensured that they were building a legacy and not just a business.

Today, the father-son duo work together on their creation named Laumière Gourmet. In a surprising amount of time they have captured attention of a wide consumer base and are constantly bringing newer products to the market. With thorough market research, product innovation and meticulous execution they have built a name for themselves. Each of them brings their individual skillsets to the table and together form a perfect team, ready to take Laumière to newer heights.

Varun whole heartedly embraces the global citizenship values that millennials thrive on. He is successfully managing an across-the-borders enterprise where he employs professionals from all over the world. He is a striking example of how this generation uses the digital tools to cross boundaries and build efficient systems. It is now his vision to make Laumière a global name in the gifting and gourmet food category.

Varun’s multitasking abilities have not been lost to time, as he still continues to push himself and take on activities like starting a podcast and mentoring young entrepreneurs. His story and that of numerous other millennials out there prove that this generation has the ability to be capable leaders of tomorrow. They bring with them a balance of strong beliefs and openness towards newer ideas. They are not afraid of change. Rather they have this unique ability to adapt themselves in any situation. They make the most of everyday by experiencing life to the fullest. They are constantly growing, evolving and adapting. Because they are the future.

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