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Take your business beyond generations

Choose from the various courses we offer and be the leader your business needs

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Recent research indicates that most families that achieve financial success—typically through a family company—lose their success within three generations. Why do some family enterprises derail while others prosper?

Our program  will help you understand and implement the important driving factors of long-term, enduring, family enterprise success.

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Why choose us?

No other program out there offers this level of comprehensive family business education. Thought leaders, subject matter experts, and live case studies, along with confidential peer-to-peer learning, are all here to help you develop a set of tools and resources to foster responsible and effective stewardship. Take what you learn and help steer your family business to an even brighter future.

Academic content

Get access to a wide range of academic courses that follow a holistic curriculum and stimulate a better understanding of your problems and requirements.

K&K Insights

Meet our experienced mentors, get practical insights and make your place in the world of business.

Peer Networking

Get the opportunity to form networks with your peers who are just like you and form alliances to boost your business.

Personal Development

Learn and imbibe all the necessary skills of a leader and be someone with the potential to make a change.

Face Real Challenges

Work individually or in teams to gain an overall practical experience that will help develop your business acumen.

One-on-One sessions

Get the opportunity to interact with the best mentors from across the world and learn from them through one-on-one sessions.

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