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Download Brochure for Effective Communication & Family Harmony Course

Starting 31th Sept 2021

Program is over

Sep 30, 2021 - Oct 15, 2021


  • 16Days


➜Who is this for? Most of the issues of family, business and the world at large, can be solved by having communication that is effective and efficient. The primary objective is to Coach the Next Gen of family business owners to become the change agents for the transformation of their family business by learning the meaning of effective communication as it becomes the foundation stone for creating a legacy in business and for ensuring that the business becomes an institution. ➜ Key Takeaways from the course: Effective Communication: • Understanding oneself and what you need to say • Ensuring that message goes across • Learning how to communicate effectively and efficiently • Managing differences : learning the art and science Conflict resolution: • Learning to wipe the slate clean • Understanding the importance of closure, unsaid communication • Learning the tools for resolving conflict • Structures and processes for effective communication within the family system ➜What will you learn: • Meaning of effective communication and how to ensure? • Learning to communicate • Concept & Tools for effective communication • Code of conduct: What is it and how can you create one? • Platforms for effective communication • Concept of Boards & Councils within the family • What is a conflict and why does it happen? • Two paths theory • Wiping the slate clean • Learning to manage difference • Why do we have differences and how to manage them with proper tools?




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