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Mentally, emotionally and practically preparing new generation entrepreneurs to achieve excellence

Our Vision

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About Kin & Kith

Kin and Kith was established in 2020, by two Next Generation family business entrepreneurs, who recognised the absence of such measures in their businesses and faced a host of other challenges during their transition as leaders. We are India’s fastest growing educational platform, with a laser sharp focus on teaching aspiring entrepreneurs key business concepts that will help them see results in their enterprises almost instantly.

Our courses are designed by leading industry experts and updated regularly to incorporate new challenges and experiences in our curriculum. These are delivered online by our faculty, who are leading management consultants across the globe,  and are optimised for learning in the context of family businesses.

Kin and Kith is on a mission to educate and prepare the Next Generation entrepreneurs to take over their family businesses and be the torchbearers of their legacies. We aim to equip them with the skills they need to survive transitionary periods, thrive with the inter-generational synergy at their disposal, and scale their business the way they see fit.

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This is a historic time in the history of our country; a large proportion of the family businesses are gearing up for their first inter-generational handover. While this is an exciting time, it also comes with a sense of foreboding – if not done well, this period of transition could mark the end of many of these businesses.


Research has proven how businesses are at their most vulnerable in the interim, with the chaos that ensues when a handover is announced. Such a process is tricky even in corporate firms, but is made more complicated by the dynamics and other traditions that form an integral part of any family run enterprise’s core values.


Kin and Kith wants to be a part of safeguarding the future and interests of all of these businesses by preparing the Next Generation entrepreneurs with all the skills and tools they need for a smooth transition into their business.


Our alumni and the Kin and Kith community serve as an excellent network for the leading entrepreneurs that join us and become a source of meaningful connections that help them expand their perspectives.

Join Kin and Kith as we mark this revolutionary period in the Indian economy, and ensure that each of the 650 Million enterprises that go through a transition in the near future, come out of it stronger, richer, and led by a competent Next Gen entrepreneur, who believes in themselves and their business.

What we believe in?

We founded Kin and Kith with the express intention of making higher education more accessible, agile, and flexible, regardless of your location and experience. We took up the challenge of transforming formal business education into something that can be customised for every student, and their family businesses. In doing so, we have underlined some of our beliefs that set us apart: 


Learning before taking over your family business doesn’t have to be expensive.

You shouldn’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on learning business fundamentals. We believe that key business concepts that are crucial in developing an understanding of enterprises should be more accessible.


Education needs to be flexible and convenient.

You shouldn’t have to take a break from your job or put your life on hold for two years. You should be able to integrate education into your routine and learn as per your convenience.


You should be learning from someone who has a deep understanding of family businesses.

In the world of business, experience and expertise are more important than anything else. If you’re learning how to be a good business leader for your organisation, shouldn’t the teaching come from someone who already knows ?


Your education needs to be practical.

Taking over your family business is a more nuanced affair than you think. Your education should set you up not just for your initial transition, but also teach you what you need to know to scale your business.


Your education needs to be relevant.

No one wants to study about things they can’t apply to their family business. Your education should teach you not just the basics, but also the latest trends, concepts, and innovations in the world of family businesses.


Business education doesn’t need to be regulated.

An official certificate does not guarantee quality education, but it does ensure that any accredited body will take longer to catch up to market trends and update their curriculum, as they swim through bureaucratic policies to make these changes. Would you rather study from a regulated, or a relevant institution?

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By the Next Gen, for the Next Gen

In the Summer of 2020, amidst the Covid 19 crisis, a casual conversation about frustrations and challenges in their own family businesses, two family businesses Next Gens realised how their fancy family business and management degrees had failed to prepare them for the real world.


That’s how Kin and Kith was started, with a vision to ensure that no Next-Gen ever finds themselves in a situation where they feel alone and muddled about the path ahead in their family business.

Nehal is a graduate from King's College London with specialisation in Strategy and Marketing. She has worked with the Big 4’s where she worked with India's Fortune 500 companies as an avid business problem solver and change consultant. But when she decided to join her family business, she realised that business strategies and theories may look easy on paper but don’t translate a easily in a family business as they would in a corporate structure. But instead of giving up, she prepared and supported her team & established the necessary steps for change before making the dramatic changes to her family business structure that resulted in an all-time high performance of the company.


Currently, she a value driven entrepreneur working in the field of education and hospitality and real estate. With her 5+ years of experience in business and entrepreneurship, Nehal is also an Independent Director, on the Boards of public listed companies in India.


Nehal Sharma


Vinayak Dhingra

Vinayak Dhingra, Co-Founder of Kin & Kith, is a Gold-Medalist and degreeholder of the reputed Family Business MBA from the NMIMS, Mumbai and an engineer. He has been working with his family in the of Silver Jewellery business. When he first joined his business, although he appreciated all that had been handed down to him, he soon realised that being in a family business with the involvement of four family members wasn’t going to be an easy task. With months of dealing with chaos, having difficult conversations and formalising procedure, he has been able to scale up his business and diversify his business.

With an extremely strong academic background and extra-curriculars, Vinayak has transformed the traditionally run manufacturing and export business of his family, into a modern, progressive and futuristic business house with multiple sectors. 

Today, both Nehal and Vinayak actively engage and interact with Next Gen peers all over the world and help them in finding solutions to their problems within their family business through Kin and Kith. They also consistently deliver sessions for students and Net Gen members to appraise them of the opportunities in Family Businesses.


Their aim is to help 1 Million NextGn and revamp their journey in their family business by 2025 and help them become global leaders.

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