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Unlock ambition in the next generation of family enterprise leaders 

Join the biggest revolution in family business education

Kin and Kith (K&K) is a market leading platform that helps next generation family business leaders to realise and unleash their potential and ambition. Our course has been meticulously designed, with insights from our international faculty and coaches, and practical experience and advice from our co-founders. Participants learn through a calculated approach of both theory and pragmatic applications, while forming meaningful connections with other leading entrepreneurs across the world.

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What is K&K?

Kin and Kith is India’s fastest growing education platform that caters to the Next Generation family entrepreneur and his/her challenges with taking over the business.

We offer courses that encapsulate each aspect of taking over the family business. Our approach to these courses is based on real world experience that can be transferred to the context of a family business with ease.

Our courses offer a holistic learning experience with invaluable insights, guidance and knowledge from our faculty . They are designed by leading industry experts from across the globe and are updated periodically to stay relevant and tackle new challenges in the business environment and economy.

Our Family Business Programs

After studying the world’s most entrepreneurial families and learning from their experience – we have curated an exclusive three pillar model from the values that have driven their businesses. Our faulty and other advisors have helped us finetune this model to deliver on our promise to help the Next Generation entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and continue their inter-generational legacies.

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Personal Leadership

This pillar focuses on the development of the NextGen as an individual and as a leader.

The courses under this pillar help shape to be the leader they are expected to be on day one and help them become self aware, gain emotional intelligence, & learn soft skills. 

We work in partnership with the next generation of business families by:

  • Helping individuals clarify their personal goals including whether they want to work in the family business or follow a different path

  • Promoting self-awareness and an understanding of others

  • Sustaining productivity of the NextGen through better self mastery

  • Aiding use of time management, negotiation and assertiveness techniques in business and personal situations

Explore Courses:

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Business Leadership

This pillar focuses on the development of the competence the NextGen needs as they embark on their journey in their family business.

Each Course is designed to acquaint the NextGen to the different functions of their business while inculcating in them the skillset to be able to use these functions to transform their business.

We work in partnership with the next generation of business families by:​​

  • Working with individuals to develop plans to achieve these goals

  • Giving family members practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to adapt and thrive in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

  • Learning how to make better decisions and plan strategically

  • Learning about the essential Skills required for business management like Operations, Meeting, Performance, Project and Innovation

Explore Courses:

Mastering Finance & Operation
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Family Leadership

This pillar focuses on the developing strong tis within and outside the family business to ensure longevity of each family business

Each course is designed to ensure that unique characteristics of family businesses are set up to ensure synergy in the business


We work in partnership with the next generation of business families by:​​​​

  • Taking steps to understand people’s strengths and areas for development.

  • Helping family members learn about working together as a team and a family

  • Equipping the next generation to deal with the formidable challenges of ownership and leadership within a family business

  • Coaching people on responsible ownership; for example, financial fluency, sound investment and philanthropic policy

Explore Courses:

Learn from Family Business Experts

Our Credibility is determined by the prominent and profound professors. The experience, passion and competence of our faculty is the foundation for our success. 









Is it right for me?

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Our industry experts and family business consultants can guide you and help you understand whether working in your family business is the right choice for you.

Students considering  joining their family business

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Our application-based learning can help you hone your skillset and feel more confident about your role in the business, along with helping you assess how you can add the most value to your organisation.

Ambitious entrants wanting to add more value

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Our curriculum and community led sessions will help you take on the role of a leader by equipping you with the tools you need to continue the legacy of your family business as a leader.

Established NextGen ready to take up leadership roles

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Join Our community and be a part of our Family

How does it work?


What kind of learning outcomes can I expect?

Our course covers all of the areas that a traditional Family Business MBA does – from finance and strategy to marketing and operations. Your learning will be holistic, and you will graduate knowing the ins and outs of taking over your family business.


How is the course going to be delivered?

Our courses are delivered in real time, allowing you to interact with our mentors. This lets you have a learning experience that is suited for your needs, and addresses any concerns or doubts you have, adding the personal touch that many other pre-recorded sessions fail to incorporate.


How will a typical classroom look like?

A typical classroom at Kin & Kith will have leading family business entrepreneurs from different industries, and parts of the world. Our students are selected after a comprehensive screening process, so you know you’re studying with the best.


What additional support is available to me when I join Kin and Kith?

When you enroll with Kin and Kith, you get access to more than just our content. Our community has a network of leading entrepreneurs, who stay connected with the regular activities and sessions we conduct. Our interactions also include insights and tools that are shared outside of class which add value to what you learn with our facility.

Some of our Mentors


Bob Kohli

Family Business Advisor

📍Dubai, UAE




Dr. Mita Dixit

Family Business Consultant

📍Mumbai, India




Richa Sharma

Family Business Advisor

📍Colorado, USA




Vipul Malhotra

Leadership Coach


📍New Delhi, India


Our community is our pride. Discover what our students have to say about us.